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Special Thanks

On behalf of our small creative team (Patrick Riviere, Laird Ogden and Shane Adams) and of course, Mary Ellen Ashley, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported this film. While the creative team invested their own time, money and resources into the bulk of "making" the film, we would not have had the capacity to finish the film (and certainly not to submit the film to what is currently 70 festivals worldwide and all that comes with being selected into just a few of those festivals) without these incredible people. Some offered us their talents: narration, composition, film clips... others their valuable critical eyes and wisdom... and many, their financial support! And so we say...


John Dennis Anderson
Jane Barish
Arthur Bartow
Barbara Bemelmans*
Amanda Bruton
Jadah Carroll
Alison Clemons
Ken Cobb
Andrew Drew
Michael Duling
Evan Edwards
Marcy E. Feller
Katrina Ferguson
Louie Fleck
Rosalie Folts


Drew Fornarola
Dennis Grimaldi
Olli Haaskivi
Paul Halley
Jarice Hanson
Anita Hollander
Geri Iannaconi
Jenn Iannaconi

Mary Lahti
Simone Lazer
Elinor and Ed LeClaire*
Matthew Lessall
Spencer Leuenberger
Rachel Lynn Jackson
John McDonald
Alexis Marnel
David Moon
Michael Murphy
Wendy Norris
Timothy Olson
Share Paradise
Patrick Parker


Brandon Quesnell &
Steve Katsurinis*

Bill Koch
Kate Koningisor
Kathleen Kozlowski
David Kreines

Candace Perry
Liz Piccoli
Maureen Porter
Gregory Qaiyum
Gerit Quealy
June Rachelson-Ospa
James A. Rocco
Sharon Rork
Jason W. Short
Teodora Staeva
Jeff Tagen
Laurie Taillie
Mike Thaine
Stacie Watson
Mark William


*Angel Donors
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